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Gas Burner Mounting Pins
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Set of 2 Stainless Steel pins for mounting the Trangia Gas Burner onto the 5" Folding Firebox Stove or Freestyle. There are currently 2 sizes of pins to choose from:

  1. The "For G2 5" Firebox" option is designed to fit in the original 5” Firebox Stove and will NOT fit into the Firebox Freestyle due to a slightly larger diameter rod.

  1. The "For Freestyle or G2 5" Firebox" option is designed to work in the Freestyle stove but would also work in the original 5” Firebox. These pins are quite long as they are designed to fit across the Freestyle hexagon setup.  You may wish to cut these shorter or buy 2 sets for use in smaller stove setups.

Note: We now always automatically include a set of trangia pins FREE when you buy a Trangia gas burner.  

Weight: 0.6 oz.


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