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Firebox Freestyle MOD Kit
  • Manufacturer: Folding Firebox
  • Product Code: FRYMODK
  • Availability: In Stock


Holds everything including two Freestyle Single Stove Kits or one Everything Kit (not included).

Firebox Freestyle Mod Kit Includes:
Large Freestyle Grill

Octagon Freestyle Fire Grate (circle)

Hexagon Freestyle Fire Grate

Rectangle Freestyle Fire Grate

Long Fire Sticks (2)

Notched Medium Fire Sticks (2)

Long Pan Lifter / Grill Holder

Freestyle D-Ring Organizer Case

Large Freestyle Grill: Large grill that is included in the Mod / Everything kit. Fits over Octagon and smaller Freestyle setups.

Octagon Freestyle Fire Grate (circle): Fire Grate for the Firebox Freestyle Stove Eight-Sided octagon setup.  Although this Fire Grate is a circle, it works perfectly for the octagon setup.

Hexagon Freestyle Fire Grate: Hexagon shaped fire grate for the Six-Sided Firebox Freestyle Stove.

Rectangle Freestyle Fire Grate: Rectangular Fire Grate which is hinged for dual lengths fitting both the 6 panel and 8 panel rectangle Firebox Freestyle setups.

(2) Long Firesticks: These Long Firesticks come in handy for stabilizing a smaller pot or cup when you have your larger octagon and hexagon setups.

(2) Notched Medium Fire Sticks: Used to secure 2 sides of the Freestyle Stove’s together so it stays in position desired.

Long Pan Lifter / Grill Holder:  I wanted a pan lifter that was truly universal. Ours grips the wide rim of our Pie Pans no problem! We also solved a common weak spot by adding a cross brace behind the lower pads to prevent spreading. This is especially important when being used on cups or a stainless steel water bottle. The long handle version is nice when cooking over a wood fire. It also has a cross brace above the top pads to handle the extra leverage.

Freestyle D-Ring Organizer Case: Large Storage case for the Firebox Freestyle Everything Kit & Mod Kit.  Designed with two pockets, the front inside pocket will hold two Firepan Tin Cases (with stoves inside).  The rear pocket can hold all the Large Grill, Grates and the Long Firesticks.

Weight of Mod Kit: 24 oz.


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