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  • Burn free, easy pouring with locking handle. 

  • Steam or cook with inside with internal dish/pan. 

  • Made of durable 18-8 Stainless Steel. 

  • Locking handle keeps everything in place during transport. 

  • Can be used directly in fire and on a regular basis and still last a lifetime. 

  • Dry bake breads and cakes right at camp. 

Our exclusive stainless steel spring wire handle clips (PAT PEND.) allow for the automatic function of holding the lid down when the handle is in the up position (the same function as the original plastic clips). They can be manually snapped over the handle to lock it in the up-right position to keep it away from the heat without locking the lid down. This allows the lid to be taken on and off freely while the handle remains cool to the touch. This position also allows for burn free, easy pouring. What makes this Billy Bush Pot unique is its internal dish that allows you to steam or cook inside the main pot itself. You can also use the dish to eat out of after cooking. The Billy Bush Pot is made of durable 18-8 (304) Stainless Steel that will resist corroding, provide years of use and still look great. The locking handle keeps everything in place during transport.

If you like your camping gear to last and be versatile, this is the camp pot for you! Made of thick 18-8 (304) Stainless Steel these pots can be used directly in the campfire on a regular basis and still last a lifetime. This is the wilderness camping Bushcraft pot that does it all. With the upgrade to our (PAT PEND.) SS Handle Clips you can lock the bail handle in the upright position for easy pouring as well as hold the lid in place to turn your pot into a camp oven to dry bake breads and cakes right at camp.

Disclaimer: The Billy Bush Pots weren't made to be used as ovens. Care and technique must be observed to avoid damage when doing so. Bake at your own risk. I am still using the same pot that I started with. These are the techniques I use to avoid overheating my pot:

  • When baking or roasting in a horizontal pot I keep the heat low, it seems that only a very small flame is needed to achieve a high cooking temperature.

  • I place rocks in the pot to act as a heat sink.

  • Sometimes I have food inside the pot that is actually in contact with the heated surface Which absorbs heat like food in a frying pan.

  • If I don't have anything inside the pot touching the heated area I frequently rotate the pot to avoid overheating any one area.

  • I've run some pretty hot fires under my pot and it did go out of round a bit, but I was able to straighten it by pushing it in the other direction by hand.




Height: 5.5"  (14 cm.)

Diameter: 5.5"  (14 cm.)

Weight: 1 lb. 10 oz.  (737 g.)

Capacity:  2 qt.  (2000 mL.)





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