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Titanium Moka Pot
  • Product Code: MXCPS
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  • Backpacking-Friendly.  Dimensions 5 1/8" tall x 3 1/8" wide (130mm x 80mm). Weighs 190g
  • Produces 5 oz of coffee via percolation
  • All titanium construction! Titanium is non-reactive, durable, and ultra-light
  • Works over fire or stovetop
  • Dishwasher safe

Traditional Moka pots use water with a higher temperature and pressure than other stovetop coffee brewing methods which produces a more robust and flavorful coffee. Taking this unique design one step further, this is the first and only Moka Pot made of Titanium!

Non-leaching Titanium preserves the purity flavor of a delicious cup of coffee. Good coffee is hot and acidic; This combination of heat and acid can break down plastics and soft metals, leaving behind unwanted contaminants that taint the coffee's flavor. Like glass, Titanium is non-reactive and doesn't leach; unlike glass, Titanium is durable and ultra-lightweight, the perfect choice for the ultimate MOKA POT!

Weight: 190g

75mm wide x 130mm tall. 

Capacity: 5oz



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