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  • Stax click together for organization and transportation. 

  • Leak-tight lid with removable ClipHandle on top. 

  • Dishwasher and Microwave safe. 

  • Lids have silicone gasket for superior sealing. 

Introducing the first modular storage system designed for humans — HumanGear Stax.

All HumanGear Stax containers click together with a simple, quick 180-degree twist for effortless organization. Each container features its own leak-tight lid, and there’s a removable ClipHandle on top. Take one, take a bunch — it’s your stuff, take what you want.

HumanGear Stax small, medium, and large currently come in one color — spectrum. Spectrum features 4 transparent containers, a ClipHandle, and orange, gray, blue, and green lids.

HumanGear Stax is a modular system of watertight stacking containers. They come in three sizes — small, medium and large. All containers of the same size click together for easy transport. No more loose containers that you have to juggle in your hands. With a simple twist, the containers are connected. The ClipHandle not only offers a way to hold the containers from a loop, but it also acts as a clip, so you can hook one container or an entire stack of humangear Stax to a backpack.

The HumanGear Stax container system was designed with all sorts of uses in mind. That’s why all containers are FDA food-safe, dishwasher-safe, and microwave-safe (although, make sure to remove the lid before microwaving).  The lids even have silicone gaskets for superior sealing. We know that there’s nothing worse than having your soup or hummus leak in transit. The silicone seal can let you rest easy — just make sure the side ribs align when closing, giving you a visual confirmation of sealing.

When designing the HumanGear Stax containers, we wanted to incorporate features that make storing and using contents easier than ever. For one, we know how frustrating it can be when you lose a lid to a container. Well, with HumanGear Stax that is a problem of the past. The lids of each size securely fit onto the container bases — no more lost lids! We also thought about the best shape of stacking containers — the cylindrical form slips easily into pockets and water bottle holders. You can actually keep your large HumanGear Stax set at the ready when driving as it will fit in your car’s standard size drink holder. 

Sets: Small, Medium, Large — 2 short containers, 1 mid container, 1 tall container, ClipHandle, orange lid, gray lid, blue lid, and green lid. Colors are all the same throughout the sizes. 

Weights (full set with handle):

Small: 57.8 g / 2 oz

Medium: 131 g / 4.6 oz

Large: 237.8 g / 8.4 oz

Dimensions (W X H) (full set with handle):

Small: 1.5 X 1.5 X 6.4 in

Medium: 2.4 X 8.3 in

Large: 3.2 X 9 in

Volume (full set w/o handle):

Small: 2.6 oz

Medium: 10.1 oz

Large: 19.9 oz


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