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Stainless Stove

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Stove includes Nano Sticks and Canvas Ditty Bag. Made in USA
Titanium Stove

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Stove includes Nano Sticks and Canvas Ditty Bag. Made in USA

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The Firebox Nano (patent pending) is the essence of Firebox in the smallest possible form. Often referred to as, “Little Gem.” This is one of the coolest backpacking stoves you’ve ever seen. At less than 6 ounces (4 ounces in Titanium), the Firebox Nano is only 3″ wide and folds down to a ridiculously thin .25″. With its proprietary cross-feed fuel delivery system, this little camp and hiking stove can easily bring 2 cups of water to a boil in under 5 minutes. Even with all this power, the Firebox Nano is one of the smallest wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves on the market. Like its big brother, the Folding Firebox Nano is hinged and requires absolutely no assembly.

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Reviews (28)
  1. C. Mike Elliott

    I just received my Firebox Nano SS stove in today’s mail and within 5 minutes of receiving it, I had it fired up heating my lunch.

    You have a WINNER!

    Just heating canned soup, and filling the Nano once, was more than enough ‘fire’ to heat my lunch. I can hardly believe that such a small amount of twigs heats 2 cups of soup so quickly – And I already had the regular Firebox stove, so you’d think I’d know better.

    Thanks for the great stove. You are right in saying that this stove is all you need for one or two people.

    C. Mike Elliott

  2. EtienneHauser (youtube)

    Got it last week and used it on several trips. It is awesome. It is smart, simple and sturdy. It works in windy conditions, feeds wood from two angles, has a good boiling time, folds and unfolds in less than a second (unlike most other stoves in this category) and packs away in any tiny space of your kit like it is not even there. It is a perfect backup for Bushcraft-minded users or lightweight backpacking. Five out of five stars. Big respect for Steve and initiatives like Kickstarter.

  3. littlebuddyfilms

    Awesome stove! It is so easy to set-up and then, pack away. It burns hot with just a few twigs and sticks. Compact, lightweight …great stove! I made a YouTube video showing it in action, at:

  4. Jesse

    This little stove has more than impressed me. After receiving it, I immediately put it to use. I found four, approximately 8" dry sticks, about .5" Dia. Started a little wood chip in the box and fed in two sticks, one through each side. Once the box has a bit of head built up this thing HONKS. It rapidly and efficiently consumed all the fuel I could find. Really impressive, really well made and very compact.

  5. D. Kurfiss

    Outside temp 49F
    Water Temp – direct from faucet
    Wind 5MPH
    Water 2 cups
    Pot 1.1L MSR Seagull with lid

    Time to hard/full boil with Trangia 6 min
    Time to hard/full boil with Fire 6 min

    I found the Nano to be an acceptable wind screen for the Trangia under the current 5MPH winds but if the winds picked up, I feel I would need to add a bit better screen. I found the fire to be a bit harder to get engaged in the Nano than I do in my Honey Stove. It took a bit more "fiddling" and that was with dry wood which I have stored. I spent a bit of time blowing into the fire to get it going than I normally need to with the bigger stove.
    Over all impression is excellent. It is small, light, will serve a dual purpose (windscreen 90% of the time), and easy to setup. I love the way everything folds together and there is nothing to do but "pop" it up. Since this is only an initial impression more testing/use will be needed.

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Made in USA - G2 Firebox Nano
  • Multi-fuel versatility.
  • No assembly, hinged construction (a true folding stove).
  • Perfect for the Trangia Spirit Burner (“Sweet spot” head space of 1″ in top position).
  • Proprietary cross-feed fuel delivery system.
  • Adjusts to fit small cups or large pans.
  • Fits in your shirt pocket.

Build your kit the way you want to by adding a combination of accessories below!


With position points for the Nano Sticks (included standard) the Nano perfectly adapts to use with a Trangia Spirit Burner. Allowing a full range of Simmer Ring adjustment and three head space settings (“Sweet spot” head space of 1″ in top position). The Nano also accepts the Trangia Gas burner attachment. The Nano Sticks nest into the folded Nano in such a way that they cannot fall out.

You won’t find a disclaimer saying to expect warping because we don’t believe in compromising quality to save a small amount of weight. We built the Nano as light as it could be without the common warping problems of other stoves. We use thicker material than any of our competitors for a good reason, wood fires create a lot of heat!


Included with stove: 2 Nano sticks and White Canvas Bag for Stove.


Stove Buying Guide by Steve: If you’re having a hard time deciding, I hope this helps.


3″ G2 Nano Vs 5″ G2 Firebox, The 5″ Firebox has a larger deeper burn chamber, more BTU output & can hold more hot coals which means high cooking performance. The Nano maintains all the same amazing versatility and capability but in a much smaller, simpler form factor. Think of it as a minimalist version of the higher horse powered 5″ Firebox Stove. You can do all the same things, you’ll just need to pay closer attention to fuel management with the Nano.


Titanium VS Stainless Steel: SS is the heavy duty option, basically bomb proof. If you like big over the top fires, long into the night. I would recommend the SS 5″ Stove (all alloys of SS loose corrosion resistant through wood fire temps. maintain corrosion resistance easily with a light coat of oil between uses). Titanium is 40% lighter, (5″ Stove is basically half the weight) corrosion proof and cools down fast. If you’re carrying your gear on your back and are focused on cooking you’ll be glad to have a 5″ Ti Stove (Panel adjustments may be needed, easily done by hand). The 3″ Nano’s less overall heat potential means it doesn’t need much if any of the above mentioned maintenance (applies to both Ti & SS).


The choice comes down to backpacking vs car camping, and cooking performance. SS is more sturdy, Ti feels amazing in your hand. The Nano is a “gem of a stove” for those keeping things simple. The 5″ Stove is like having a commercial kitchen at camp. In the end, you can’t go wrong, most people want more than one stove because needs change depending on the trip. I’ve learned that a trip’s success greatly depends on having the right gear (right up there with the weather).


Have fun, be safe and love your family, Steve

Width: 3.0″ (8 cm.)
Height: 4.75″ (12 cm.)
Folded: .25″ (.635 cm.)

Stainless Stove Weight: 6 oz.

Stainless Steel Nano X-Case Kit Weight: 9.2 oz.

Titanium Stove Weight: 4 oz.

Titanium Nano X-Case Kit Weight: 7.9 oz.

Firebox Nanos purchased from this lister are made in the USA.


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