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Professional chef knife features, in a folding form factor for convenience and safety!

Manufacturer: Firebox Product Code: CKFF10CR15MOV
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  1. David G
    (verified owner)

    This knife has a pretty much permanent place in my cook kit. This is a solid knife that is extremely Sharp. That I like it so much I bought multiple. Whether you need something to throw in a pack or if you just want to really good kitchen knife that doesn’t take up a lot of space because your truck driver.

  2. Kurt Piette
    (verified owner)

    This knife is now in my kitchen. I bought a second one at a cheaper price due to factory defects but can’t tell which one is which. This knife feels very balanced in my hand even better than the named brand expensive ones we own.
    Thinking about getting a couple more.

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*PRE-ORDER* Folding Chef Knife


  • Symmetrical flat grind: Smooth and straight from edge to spine and with “just right” blade thickness (.080″ +/- .002″) to cut through hard veg like a laser, without steering.
  • Minimum Blade Height: (1.5” or 4cm) This keeps the spine above the knuckles when using proper/safe cutting technique.
  • 5″ Blade Length: Long enough to accommodate a “slicing action” but still compact.
  • Raised Offset Handle: For adequate clearance over a cutting board.
  • Wrist Pivot Balance: The result of proper knife balance is intuitive comfort.
  • Rock-able Blade Shape: A slight radius allows accurate focused edge pressure. Also allows for smooth rhythmic movement.
  • Neoprene Sheath/Case: Provides all around cushion when being stored in a cook kit. Includes a dangle style belt loop and secure over the top closure.
  • Precision Folding Form: Provides convenience for transport and safety in your knife drawer.

When designing products my end goal is “elegance.” Which to me means the “highest possible function in the simplest possible form.” If the end product “makes it look easy,” you’ve nailed it!

How the Firebox Folding Chef’s Knife Was Born

Back in the late 90’s I became a professional garnish chef to qualify for a local’s snowboarding pass in Park City, Utah. I quickly discovered that chef knives were a big deal. Everyone in the kitchen had their own opinions and preferences.  Not only did I learn proper knife handling technique, but being a curious inventor by nature–and needing to purchase my own knife–I became keenly interested in the geometry of the blade and handle placement. Through observation and practice it wasn’t long before I developed my own opinions and preferences.  I didn’t chop bulk veggies like the prep-staff.  As a garnish chef, my tasks were of a more precise nature. One of my favorite edible decorations is called the “Stained Glass or Window Pane Potatoes.”  It consists of two thinly sliced potatoes with an edible flower or herb pressed between them. When baked properly the potato slices bond together and become transparent, capturing the colorful flower within. Having a knife capable of easily cutting straight through hard veggies was very important. Another one of my tasks (that stood out as knife dependent) was the chopping of fresh chives. For chives to look nice as a garnish they needed to remain circular and have very clean cut edges. This required a very sharp knife and good slicing technique. My knife needed to hold an edge and respond well to sharpening. This was of daily importance. Lol! Bruised, pinched flat chives were an absolute disgrace. I was excited when I realized I could finally use what I had learned back in the 90’s to make my own Firebox Folding Chef’s Knife.

The Included Sheath

I put my “Firebox logic” into the sheath design. Since I was planning to store mine inside the Firebox Ultra Cook Kit I wanted some cushion for both the knife and the cook kit and its contents. Neoprene is the perfect choice with its stretch to fit characteristics.  With its pull over “hoodie” enclosure, no space is wasted.  And it allows for an easy slide-in slide-out convenience…especially when you need a place to put your knife while you’re using it.  Then when you’re finished, you simply pull the “hoodie” over the knife to lock it in place.  I went for comfort when wearing the sheath on your hip with a dangler style belt loop.

Note: This is not a bushcraft / camp knife and will not hold up to that kind of use. I recommend opening it by hand rather than wrist flipping due to the large blade. Hand wash only. For long term storage we recommend a light coat of oil.



Material: 12Cr15MoV steel

Blade Length: 5″

Folded Length: 6.25″

Open Length: 11″

Weight: 7 oz.