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Save money on your next car-camping trip with the LPG fuel adapter. This handy attachment allows you to use any lindal valve (screw-top) backpacking stove such as the Firebox or Trangia Gas Burner with a 16.4-ounce Coleman-style propane canister. These canisters are less expensive than standard compressed fuel cans, and are readily available in camping and hardware stores throughout the US and much of the world. This works with top-mount and remote canister stoves.

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LPG Fuel Adapter
  • Use any Lindal valve stove with adapter.

  • Save money with option for Coleman-style canisters.
  • Works with top-mount and remote canister stoves.

  • Lightweight Aluminum


SAFETY ALERTS! You must first attach your gas burner prior to attaching the fuel canister. The adaptor does not have a stop valve therefore attaching a fuel canister first will release fuel out of the canister as soon as it is attached.

In addition, the adaptor will allow for a much bigger flame which WILL cause damage to your gas burner (hose) and therefore potential safety hazards. The adapter can be used safely, but awareness and caution is necessary.

In our experience the adaptor takes a minute to regulate. It will blast at first and then you use micro adjustments on it and it will regulate itself.  
The adapter does affect how the burner works especially in varying temperatures.  We do not have any optional orifice sizes or adjustments available.

Weight: 1.2 oz.

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