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0.3 Litre
0.5 Litre

Trangia Fuel Bottle with safety valve for safe filling of spirit burners.

The unique design of the safety cap allows you to pour the liquid without removing the cap. The cork has a venting pipe and a pouring pipe that causes the liquid to flow smoothly without slipping or spilling.

Suitable for storage of most liquid fuels such as spirits, kerosene, white gas, alkylate petrol or Primus Powerfuel.

Manufacturer: Trangia Product Code: LM-TFB
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  1. Jan
    (verified owner)

    I purchased the 0.3L bottle so that I could safely transport the liquid fuel for my Trangia burner in my storage bag. It is a compact, hard-shell bottle with a reliable valve mechanism that makes pouring the liquid into the Trangia burner easy and accurate.

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Trangia Fuel Bottle


  • Made with Polythene (HDPE)
  • Safety valve

0.5 Liter bottle weight: 4.0oz

0.3 Liter bottle weight: : 3.3oz

Origin: Sweden



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