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Nano Overkill Mod
  • Manufacturer: Folding Firebox
  • Product Code: FB_OKLGCP
  • Availability: In Stock


    • Works great for wet and high elevation burn conditions.

    • Stoves can be reverted back to two individual stoves.

    • Can use existing Nano(s) with this kit. 

    This modification was developed to address wet and high elevation burn conditions while using the Nano. It is required to have two Nanos of your choice of material (sold separately). The Nano's purchased separately work better for modifying than the Nano X-Case Kits. Once converted to an Overkill Mod the stove CAN be reverted back to TWO individual stoves by simply removing the joining pins and adding legs in their place. More about reverting back is mentioned below based on the DIY version or this "purchased version".

    Many of our loyal customers already have one or two Nano stoves. It is possible to use your existing Nano(s) by simply cutting the existing legs and using the legs provided in this kit. Any Nano's ordered with the Overkill Mod Kit at the same time will come with the two-piece legs instead of the original one piece legs - essentially already modified. 

    Since the release of the Freestyle stove in 2022, we have considered discontinuing the Nano Overkill Mod. Not because it isn't a good stove in its own right, but because the Freestyle stove's tri-torch or standard 4-panel setup will operate similarly in wet or high elevation burn conditions as the Nano overkill stove. The Freestyle also has the benefit of weight savings and less parts to lose, and is less expensive than buying 2 Nanos . We've chosen to leave this listing for the Overkill Mod available for those who wish to have it, but know that the Freestyle 4-panel stove checks all the same boxes as the overkill, plus some.

    DIY VERSION (12 pcs total): Be sure to watch the instructional video below, Steve prefers the DIY version because of the following reasons:

    • The legs are longer, thus are less likely to fall out and get lost.
    • There are only 12 pieces.
    • There is an option for a "door" at the top by unhinging one panel one one side.
    • Can still use 2 stoves separately, even though one stove will only have "nubs" for holding a pot.
    • You do not have to buy the mod kit for this version, simply follow the instructions in the video to modify 2 Nanos.

    Overkill Mod Kit (Purchasing this item = 20 pcs total): includes 4 joining pins, and 16 independent legs (4 for the top and 4 for the bottom X 2 stoves).

    • The only PRO to this version is when breaking the stove back into 2 separate stoves, you will have top arms on both stoves (on the DIY version you have "nubs" on

      one stove and arms on one stove).

    • The CONS for this version are not having any of the benefits of the DIY version.

      Note: Though the X-Case is excellent for supporting the Overkill during cooking, it wasn't designed to store 2 Nanos, but Steve has been able to make it fit - barely (without the Carbon Felt Liner).


      Ti Overkill Weight: Titanium Nanos are 4 oz. ea = 8 oz.

      SS Overkill Weight: Stainless Steel Nanos are 6 oz. ea = 12 oz. 

      Mixed Overkill Weight: Titanium and Stainless Steel Nano together = 10 oz. Overkill.



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