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Firebox Gas Burner with Titanium Diffuser
  • Manufacturer: Folding Firebox
  • Product Code: FBGBWA
  • Availability: In Stock


  • Clicks into place on all Firebox Stoves (G2 Original Firebox, Firebox Nano, Firebox Scout, Firebox Modular Freestyle).

  • Provides a campfire ambiance that is compliant with most fire ban regulations (check local requirements).

  • Runs on standard butane cartridges.

  • Air intake holes are oversized to accommodate more air at higher elevations.

  • Produces a flame pattern for boiling or cooking, to a slow wood burning orange flame for traditional campfire ambiance.

  • Titanium Diffuser Plate spreads the heat for larger pots or pans and also functions as a radiant heat source for grilling or roasting marshmallows.

Gas Burner Includes:

Gas Burner, (2) Gas Burner Pins for use with any of our stoves and Titanium Diffuser / Radiant Grill Plate.

The Gas Burner is easy to use, has fast boil times and keeps your pans soot free. Works in all weather conditions above -5 C. Fits with all propane/butane gas cartridges with EN417 compatible threaded valves. These cartridges are available in most countries around the world. Boils a half liter of water in 4 minutes (varies according to weather and quality of fuel). Air / fuel mixture can be tuned by rotating the intake adjustment collar.

Titanium Flame Diffuser / Radiant Grill disperses heat to a wider area for more even pan cooking or can be used to create radiant heat for grilling. The high melting point of Titanium allows for Diffuser Plate to glow red hot just like an ember, great for cooking marshmallows and campfire ambiance.

Available option: LPG Fuel Adaptor (pictured above). This handy attachment allows you to use any Lindal valve (screw-top) backpacking stove such as the Trangia Gas Burner with a 16.4 oz. Coleman-style propane canister. These canisters are less expensive than standard compressed fuel cans, and are readily available in camping and hardware stores throughout the US and much of the world. This works with top-mount and remote canister stoves.


Gas Burner Weight w/ Diffuser: 4 oz. or 3.4 oz. without Diffuser.

Output: 2932 W or 10,000 BTU

Length: 3 ¼” 

Width: 1 ⅜” 

Hose: 15” Long

Diffuser Weight: 0.6 oz.

Diffuser Dimensions: 3 ¼” diameter.


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