Cinnamon Rolls

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Buy ahead and bake fresh!

Pick out your favorite variety of sweet rolls in the refrigerator or freezer section of your grocery store. 

1. Place rolls in greased pan. If using frozen dough you may need to let it rise (it should be approximately double its original size when you put it in the oven).  

2. Bake in the fry pan mess kit or the baking kit until the tops are golden brown (about 15-25 min.) When it starts to smell like what you’re baking its almost done.  

3. Remove from oven: frost and enjoy!


Tip: always put your hottest coals on the top of your oven. You need as much heat up top as you can get to brown whatever your baking. We almost always use a pocket bellows to stoke the coals; this gives you some extra cooking power.

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