Coconut Cake

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  • ½ Box Yellow Cake Mix.

  • 3 Eggs.

  • ½ 12.5 oz can of Coconut Milk.

  • Coconut Flakes (two handfuls).

  • ½ C. Oil.

  • Non-stick Spray.

  • Flour.

  • Salt.

 1. Use cooking spray to coat the inside of your pie tin and then lightly dust with flour.
2. Pour salt into the bottom of the frypan until it is high enough to reach the bottom of the pie tin when it is set in it. This conducts the heat and helps it cook not as hot and more evenly.
3. Mix eggs, oil, coconut flakes and cake mix (½ box) together and pour into pie tin until about ¾ the way full.
4. Cook cake on low heat on the bottom and higher on top so it does not burn. You will want to check on the cake frequently and when you can stick something in the middle and it comes out clean you know it is done.


Tip: always put your hottest coals on the top of your oven. You need as much heat up top as you can get to brown whatever your baking. We almost always use a pocket bellows to stoke the coals; this gives you some extra cooking power.

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