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Enjoy freshly ground coffee on your next adventure! This grinder fits into the coffee press so that it doesn’t take up any extra space. Manual hand grind operation so you know it’s going to work.

Manufacturer: Firebox Product Code: Coffee Grinder
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  1. jonathan tindall
    (verified owner)

    We received this neat little coffee grinder about a week ago.Using everyday to make 4 cups per day this has met and exceeded our expectations. 1. Seems very strong and will stand the test of time. 2. Grinds coffee very consistently as good as our $200 electric mill. 3. Fits perfect in our aero press 4. Hand crank fits and stays in place during grinding 5. Can be adjusted for finer or coarse grind but seems set at perfect setting for the aero press. 6. Like another reviewer stated " gotta love the Firebox logo on your stuff " !!

  2. andre gunawan
    (verified owner)

    Just received it today look awesome and sturdy, I was though that i will received the sample 4 oz coffee beans but that was not. I will try this today and update my review of using it. Thank You FIREBOX.

    I love to watch your youtube video as well Steve.

  3. Brett Miller
    (verified owner)

    This is excellent. You’d think hand grinding would take forever but it doesn’t. I love being able to dial in the correct (and consistent) grind for the brewing method being used. You can go from a finely powdered Turkish coffee grind to a course grind for French press. I originally purchased this for camping, but I like it so much that it has replaced my electric grinder at home because it produces a consistent grind (which no blade grinder does) and that means better coffee.

  4. Thomas Gicewicz
    (verified owner)

    I just got my coffee grinder today it looks awesome. I haven’t used it yet but I definitely will soon though going camping at the end of September so want to get used to it. I will update this post in the future after I have used this a few times. Thanks for offering such great products Steve.

  5. Craig Moore

    My wife bought me one. I’ve had it one day and have used it twice. Love it. Works excellent and gives a consistent grind every time! Adjustability is awesome as well!!

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Coffee Grinder
  • Perfectly Ground Coffee: For lovers of coffee everywhere, our grinder turns your beans into the finest ground coffee. Great for that delicious cup of fresh ground joe in the great outdoors.

  • Manually Operated: Don’t worry about annoying wires or constantly wondering if the batteries will work when you are ready for coffee. Our manual grinder grinds easily so you can have perfectly ground coffee beans in seconds! 

  • Conveniently Portable: A sleek lightweight design allows you to easily carry it around wherever you need to have a quick pick me. It fits in any backpack and nests perfectly with our Coffee Press for maximizing space!

  • Stainless Steel Construction: A durable makeup of brushed stainless steel means it will last you a very long time so don’t stress about it breaking or malfunctioning.

  • Premium Ceramic Burr Grinding: Enjoy effortless grinding with a premium quality mechanism that is designed to last for years! Easily adjustable from coarse to fine, choose what you love. 


NOTE: In order to get the all components of the coffee kit into our 2qt (14cm) pot, place the grinder without the reservoir into the coffee press, which then goes into your mug. 

1. Place the grinder without the reservoir into the coffee press.

2. Place coffee press into your mug. 

3. Place the mug into 2 qrt (14cm) pot without inner pan.


“This is the coffee grinder I have had many requests for and it fits right inside the Coffee Press perfectly.” -Steve


Weight: 7 oz. 

Length: 5.3” (135 mm.)

Diameter: 1.93” (49 mm.)

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