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Flat Brim Trucker Hat
Curved Brim Ball Cap

A Pairing of two classics, a Ball Cap and a good old-fashion Bandana. Strategically placed hook and loop fastening strips allow bandana placement anywhere on the hat to provide whatever level of sun protection needed from any angle.

For those who would rather wear a Ball Cap or a Truckers Hat rather than the funny looking Sun Hat your Mom picked out for you.

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    Hat Bandana – Half Size Grey + $0.00
    Hat Bandana – Half Size White + $0.00
    Hat Bandana – Full Size Grey + $0.00
    Hat Bandana – Full Size White + $0.00

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  1. Kurt Piette
    (verified owner)

    These hats are great! I barely had mine and my wife saw it and is using it for her gardening. Need to order some more for AirVenture EAA Oshkosh. A week in the sun.

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Firebox Adventure Hat

The hike of inspiration
Imagine a 7 mile summertime hike through some of the most beautiful desert landscapes southern Utah has to offer. We started before dawn and enjoyed an amazing sunrise until it warmed up… I had my everyday hat on and a bandana in my pocket. I tucked the bandana under my hat…which seemed like a good idea, until I quickly became uncomfortable. The bandana was too close…my head needed to breathe! So I started draping it loosely on the outside of the hat, which was great for a few seconds, til a light breeze came along or I walked too fast. I needed a way of loosely connecting the bandana to my hat, so I could appreciate that wonderful breeze. I also needed the ability to hang the bandana anywhere on the outside of my hat, even directly in front of my face for hiking into low sun. I tried several iterations–testing this concept with prototypes–to determine the best placement for the hook and loop fastening strips on both the Hat and the Bandana.

My inventing process
Boil down ideas to their simplest essence. Combine the refined design with premium materials, workmanship and good quality assurance protocol to provide my customers with the most reliable, longest lasting, the most elegant turn-key solution possible. Oh, I also try to add a little Firebox Style along the way.

Specifications for Flat Brim Trucker Hat   /   Curved Brim Ball Cap (respectively):

Size Range – 21.5″ to 24 3/4″   /   20 3/4″ to 24″

Number of Panels –  6   /   5

Depth – 4.75″   /   4.25″

Weight – 2.8 oz     2.6oz


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