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The Firebox Utensil Set was designed to fit into the Firebox Ultra Cook Kit (8-inch or 10-inch) or any of the Firebox Billy Pots for ease when packing, while still offering standard-sized utensil convenience. It comes with one handle that works with all three heads (The Spatula, Ladle, and Spoon), which takes up less of the precious space in your pack. We do offer additional handles separately if you want each head to have its own handle.

Optional additional handle

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    Utensil Handle


    Extra handle so you'll always be ready to flip, stir or scoop. This is identical to the one that comes in the set so can be used with any of the 3 utensils, and also be utilized as a bellow to stoke the fire and comes with the silicone cap so it can be a canister for spices (salt or pepper).  You could have one salt handle, one pepper handle, and one bellow handle... just gotta find a way to mark which one's which!


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Firebox Cooking Utensils

The Cooking utensils include: 1 handle, and 3 attachments – spatula, ladle, spoon.

Spatula has a broad head with tapered edges not only on the front but also
on both sides to make it easy to get under food from any angle. The vacuum

relief holes in the Spatula have rounded edges to make cleaning that much easier.

Ladle was designed to work well in any of our three Firebox Billy Pots

allowing full scoops of soup or hot drink right down to the bottom of the pot.
Total volume of 1/2 a cup.

Spoon is designed to work similarly to a wooden spoon for stirring and

tasting sauces or gravy in the sauté pan.

Handle works well with all the utensil heads and can be used as a bellows

or as a storage container (with use of included silicone plug) for salt or your
favorite spice blend.

Material: Food grade Nylon

Weight of Complete Set: 5oz

Weight of Spatula (with handle): 2.5oz

Weight of Spoon (with handle) : 2.5oz

Weight of Ladle (with handle): 2.6oz

Weight of Handle: 1.3 oz


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