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Having what you need when you need it never gets old especially when you’re camping, Introducing the “Jake Pack” by Firebox Outdoors. I named it “Jake” because, like one of the many dogs I’ve had over the years it’s comfortable. Jake the dog was funny, he would snuggle up or even climb onto your lap slowly, inch by inch in such an easy comfortable way that he wasn’t a bother. The “Jake Pack” gives you convenient storage that’s nice to have around.
I’ve been using my Jake pack for years and it’s held up well. I can’t imagine an adventure without it. Get your Firebox Jake Pack today and enjoy its comfortable convenience for years to come.

Manufacturer: Firebox Product Code: FANNYPK
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  1. jonathan tindall

    We purchased this very nice item off the Firebox Kickstarter campaign 2019. Having ordered soooo many items from the website we trusted this would be of superior quality. All is of solid build and very easy to get to your stuff with minimum effort. Zippers and materials are top notch. We are always proud to carry our Firebox stuff having their logo on them knowing they are proud of it also !!!

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Firebox "Jake" Fanny/Waist Pack

The Firebox Waist Pack is super premium quality with a lifetime guarantee! This Pack has a 1.5” waist belt, dual heavy-duty zippers, and a flat storage pocket on top. It also has an added exterior, gusseted zippered pocket for storing smaller, easy-to-lose items.

“I like these packs for my fishing tackle and all the small stuff I take backpacking, bank line, toiletries, my headlamp, all the stuff I like to keep within reach. It easily straps to my pack when it’s not around my waist. I love the system and thought you would too.” -Steve

Jandd Lifetime Guarantee:

All products manufactured by Jandd are guaranteed to the original purchaser for his or her lifetime against defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from normal wear and tear, improper care, accident, abuse, or alteration.


Made by Jandd Mountaineering


Weight: 6.4 oz/ 180 g

Dimensions: 3.5 x 12 x 3.5 (in) 9 x 30 x 9 (cm)

Material: Dupont Cordura®

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