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Pocket Bellows: (extends to 20” & collapses to 3.5”): Oxygen is nature’s gasoline and is the key to fire starting in all conditions and even more important in wet conditions. This lightweight, collapsible, award-winning fire bellowing tool, the Pocket Bellows, compresses and focuses oxygen directly into the heart of a fire. Truly unlike any other fire starting hand tool on the market, this award winning, collapsible fire bellowing tool turns soaking wet or dry firewood into a rolling fire in moments. The byproduct of this extra oxygen is a significant amount of extra heat which is the key to fire starting and maintenance let alone fire starting in damp environments.

Product Code: LM-BELLOW
Reviews (2)
  1. Eric

    Used this for the first time over the 2017/18 new years weekend. Made it easy to get the fire going again from coals in my G2-5" Firebox. I also tried it in my camp fire. It worked there too but it would have been nice if it was 25/30" for the camp fire.

  2. James Kuhn
    (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the V3 Pocket Bellows. While I haven’t had a chance to use it in the field, but I know it will work. In the past as a Boyscout and later-on as an adult I’ve used a Turkey feather Quill and a Pelican feather Quill (they’re bigger) as a makeshift bellows, but this one is a vast improvement. One major improvement is it’s longer. I’ve singed my eyebrows, beard and moustache a few times using a Quill. It kind of reminds me of an old car antenna the way it telescopes out. Very well made and I like that it comes in a nice clear tube, so it doesn’t get lost. Again, I can’t say enough about the fieldcraft videos. It gives me confidence that my purchase will actually perform the tasks I need in the field. – J. Kuhn

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Pocket Bellow


  • Start rolling fires w/ wet or dry firewood in minutes.

  • Collapses to 3.5″ with a 0.8 cm width for easy storing (0.8 oz. / extends 20”)

  • Compresses and focuses oxygen directly into the heart of the fire.

  • Use it at home for your fireplace, firepits, and BBQ’s.


Weight: 0.9 oz.

Length: 19 1/4″


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