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Our premium pans are hard anodized inside and out so you get the cooking performance of aluminum’s excellent heat conducting properties yet your food is in contact with a highly conductive scratch resistant ceramic layer which tolerates very high temperatures and has the perfect micro structure to accept a seasoning.

Manufacturer: Firebox Product Code: SHPLATE
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  1. Jay Santos

    Recently purchased the firebox stove and have been using it extensively and have been very impressed by the quality, build and outstanding service from Steve and co. my birthday was coming up so i asked family to buy me a few items from firebox.
    I asked for two of the large shallow camp plate and my sister accidentally ordered 4! So i was a happy camper! (pun intended). Along with the plates I also received the GSI Pinnacle frying pan. The plates are a work of art, beautiful and solid- not too heavy but the quality is really good- they sure beat the old plastic and disposable paper plates we usually bring. They also fit well over the pan (which is a large size) and are handy to have when prepping food. I"m considering getting the deep plates because I’m so impressed by the one’s I have now! Thank you Steve and company for making such great products!

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Shallow Camp Plate
  • Large size nests perfectly in the 10″ Frying Pan
  • Small size nests perfectly in the 8″ Frying Pan
  • Thick anodized aluminum (twice the thickness of typical pie tins)
  • Hard Anodized
  • Accepts a seasoning (recommended if it is to be used as an extra frypan)
  • Our Universal Pan Lifters make it so you can use your pie plate as a second frypan.


Disclaimer: Inherent to the manufacturing process, there are unavoidable cosmetic marks on the rim (outside edge) of the Cowboy plates.  Also, the grey shade (color) of the anodizing may vary from plate to plate.  This does not affect usage or long term durability and we feel it is worth it to have the hard anodizing finish inside and out.

This product is not dishwasher safe – hand wash only.


Small: Weight 4.7 oz, Dim 9″ top rim, 0.5″ deep

Large: Weight 7 oz, Dim 11″ top rim,

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