Silnylon- Poncho / Hammock / Tarp


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Standard Poncho

Available on backorder

Ultralight Poncho

Available on backorder

Weighs 9 oz. and more compact.

This Poncho is my choice for rain gear for Ultralight Backpacking! It’s lightweight yet extremely durable and it’s multi-function which means I bring one piece of gear rather than three. Most Ultralight gear is so thin and flimsy you only get one or two trips and they blow out. This piece of gear is what you need when you need it!

Build Your Sleep System

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    *PRE-ORDER* Osni Insulated Top Blanket


    This blanket has snaps along one side to connect to the silnylon hammock / poncho / shelter. The other side is loose so you can bundle up as desired, and it is long enough to fold your feet under the end of the blanket.  Really nice touch to complete the hammock system.


    *PRE-ORDER* Osni Insulated Under Quilt / Poncho Coat


    Multi Purpose coat / under layer sleeping bag. This connects to the Poncho to turn it into a full length insulated coat and also the underside of the hammock for an ultimate unsmashed layer of insulation. Insulation works excellent down to 25 F.


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Manufacturer: Wilderness Innovation Product Code: PONCHOHAMMOCK
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Silnylon- Poncho / Hammock / Tarp


  • Multi-function, bring one piece of gear rather than three.

  • Use as a hammock, ground cloth, shelter and rain poncho. 

  • Durable snaps to hold things in place during bad weather.

  • Made of durable 2.2 oz. Ripstop Silnylon.


As a Rain Poncho: All the features you would expect, plus some!  Durable snaps to hold things in place during bad weather, a generous hood that will accommodate most hats and a connector to shorten the hood if desired. It’s long enough to fully cover almost any backpack. Tie outs allow you to connect it to your pack assuring full coverage and allowing it to be convertible! While on the move, you can throw it over your shoulder, then when the next storm lets loose reach over and pull it back over your head.


As a Shelter: It can be set up in several standard tarp shelter configurations, but I like it tied out on all four corners with a stick up at an angle in the hood! It has 12 tie-outs so securing it for bad weather is no problem.


As a Hammock: It comes with two 20 ft. lengths of US made ParaCord (40 ft. total) that are easily dropped through loops on each end, then tied off to trees for a peaceful slumber under the stars.


As a Ground Cloth: It’s made of very durable 2.2 oz. Ripstop Silnylon so it can take some abuse and remain reliable.


Note: Ponchos are made to order and are normally ready to ship within 1 week.


Snaps are also included for optional “Osni” under and over blankets as shown here by Wilderness innovation. Message us to add this custom Osni setup to your order.


Standard Poncho specs:

Compact packed size: 4″ x 9.5″

Weight: 20 oz. w/o the ParaCord. 

Total Weight: 21 oz. 

RipStop Silnylon: 2.2 oz. 

40 ft of US made 550 ParaCord.

Finished size: 8 ft. long and just less than 5 ft. wide.

12 nylon webbing tie outs (more durable than grommets).

Weight Limit 350

Made in the USA


Ultralight Poncho specs:

All specs as above with the following extra benefits:

Compacts down to 2.5″ diameter x 8″ long. 

Weight: 9 oz.

It is a step up in Nylon fabric (6.6 Nylon) and double coated with silicone.

Width: 4” wider than standard Poncho.

Weight limit 250 lbs

Made in the USA


Pictures of it as a hammock coming soon!


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