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Manufacturer: TOAKS Product Code: MXCPS
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  1. Tom Bebee

    I purchased one of the Moka Pots from the launch on Indiegogo, but I think I saw the information first on the Firebox web site. After testing at home on my alcohol stove several times, I have taken it on my 3 winter camping trips so far. It is easy to use, makes good strong coffee and is fairly easy to clean. I am thinking you are expected to split a pot between two people, but I find this size perfect for one person. This is not something I will take on a trip where I want to get up in the morning eat quick and make miles, but on the more relaxed trips or overnights, it is great to pack and enjoy good coffee in the morning.

  2. Tom Bebee

    I purchased one of these pots through an Indiegogo crowdfund offering, but believe I saw the pot first on the Firebox website. After testing a few times on an alcohol stove, I have taken it on several outings this winter. It worked great. The coffee is strong, pours really clean and the pot itself is easy to clean in the field (I just dump used grounds in my trash bag and rinse pot with water). I think that perhaps the amount of coffee it makes could be shared by two people since it is strong, but I find it perfect for one cup in the mornings that I am not in a hurry to get on the trail. I do not envision taking this every time I am out, but definitely when I am out canoeing or short backpack trips.

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Titanium Moka Pot


  • Backpacking-Friendly.  Dimensions 5 1/8″ tall x 3 1/8″ wide (130mm x 80mm). Weighs 190g
  • Produces 5 oz of coffee via percolation
  • All titanium construction! Titanium is non-reactive, durable, and ultra-light
  • Works over fire or stovetop
  • Dishwasher safe

Traditional Moka pots use water with a higher temperature and pressure than other stovetop coffee brewing methods which produces a more robust and flavorful coffee. Taking this unique design one step further, this is the first and only Moka Pot made of Titanium!

Non-leaching Titanium preserves the purity flavor of a delicious cup of coffee. Good coffee is hot and acidic; This combination of heat and acid can break down plastics and soft metals, leaving behind unwanted contaminants that taint the coffee’s flavor. Like glass, Titanium is non-reactive and doesn’t leach; unlike glass, Titanium is durable and ultra-lightweight, the perfect choice for the ultimate MOKA POT!


Weight: 190g

75mm wide x 130mm tall.

Capacity: 5oz

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