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The Trangia Gel Burner is a more simple type of burner and consists of a cup with a lid that is used with gel or solid fuel, such as fuel tablets. Gel and tablets can also be used as fire starters for the campfire which is very useful. The availability of these fuels varies for different countries and can be difficult to find. The Gel Burner consists of a simple cup and a lid. Suitable for those who have simpler cooking needs – such as if you only intend to boil water – or when you want to avoid gas containers or liquid fuel.

Product Code: LM-TRANGELB
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Trangia Gel Burner


  • Versatile Gel Burner can be used with gel fuels, solid fuel tablets and even alcohol.

  • Clicks into place on ALL Firebox Stoves.

  • Simple cup and lid design.

Gel burner can be used in:

  • G2 5” Firebox Stove

  • Gen2 Firebox Nano

  • Firebox Scout 

  • Firebox Freestyle Modula Stove

Example of fuel:

  • BCB Fire Dragon gel or solid fuel, bio-ethanol fuel

  • Vango Gel Fuel , bio-ethanol fuel

  • Esbit solid fuel tablets, hexamine fuel

Fuel consumption:

Varies with fuel type and how much you add. See the respective fuel for recommendations. Boil 1 L of water for about 7 min measured with Fire Dragon (varies depending on climate and fuel quality).

Output: Varies with the fuel. About 1500 w

Weight: Lid – 10 grams Burner Cup – 10 grams