Billy Can Oven Thermometer (Requires 3/8″ drilling)


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This Billy Can Oven Thermometer takes the guesswork out of baking. Easy to read Fahrenheit, 50-700 degree and Celsius 10-375 degree markings. It is easily removed with a single knurled thumb screw.

Product Code: LH-THERMO
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Billy Can Oven Thermometer (Requires 3/8" drilling)

Disclaimer: Billy Can Bush Pots weren’t made to be used as ovens. Care and technique must be observed to avoid damage when doing so. Bake at your own risk. I am still using the same pot that I started with. 

These are the techniques I use to avoid overheating my pot:

  • When baking or roasting in a horizontal pot I keep the heat low, it seems that only a very small flame is needed to achieve a high cooking temperature.

  • I place rocks in the pot to act as a heat sink.

  • Sometimes I have food inside the pot that is actually in contact with the heated surface which absorbs heat like food in a frying pan.

  • If I don’t have anything inside the pot touching the heated area I frequently rotate the pot to avoid overheating any one area.

  • I’ve run some pretty hot fires under my pot and it did go out of round a bit, but I was able to straighten it by pushing it in the other direction by hand.



2.7 oz.


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