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Freestyle Stove

Freestyle Kits Include:Each Single Stove kit (4 panel) includes:  4" Firebox Freestyle Stove, 4..
$69.99 $75.00
Fire Grate for the Firebox Freestyle Stove Eight-Sided octagon setup.  Although this Fire Grate..
Hexagon shaped fire grate for the Six-Sided Firebox Freestyle Stove.  This grate is included in..
These Long Firesticks come in handy for stabilizing a smaller pot or cup when you have your larger o..
Rectangular Fire Grate which is hinged for dual lengths fitting both the 6 panel and 8 panel rectang..
Large Grill that is included in the Mod / Everything kit. Fits over octagon and smaller Freestyle se..
User friendly and versatile.Clicks into place on all Firebox Stoves (G2 Original Firebox, Firebox Na..
High efficiency.Easy control.Clicks into place on all Firebox Stoves (G2 Original Firebox, Firebox N..
Use for maintenance / cleaning after each burn in your Firebox Stove. Lubricates, penetrates, c..
Holds everything including two Freestyle Single Stove Kits or one Everything Kit (not included).Fire..
Note: This Case is included in the Freestyle Everything Kit & Mod Kit.  Large Storage ..
Airflow valve alters from stove flame to ambiance fire.High efficiency.Easy control.Clicks into plac..
Set of 2 Stainless Steel pins for mounting the Trangia Gas Burner onto the 5" Folding Firebox Stove ..
Double layered for strength. Made from abrasion resistant 500 wt nylon. Extra pocket for 5..
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