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The Adjustable Fire Grate fits down into the Firebox resting on the Firesticks in a variety of height positions allowing you to raise the level of your fire closer to the Grill Plate, cook pot or frypan. It is the perfect accessory for grilling with charcoal briquettes or using the Firebox with wood pellets, allowing you to use less fuel yet maintain an effective cooking temperature for long durations. The Adjustable Fire Grate also works as a Grill Plate for the 3″ Firebox Nano Ultralight Stove.

Product Code: 5AFG
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  1. Simonis

    The adjustable fire grate does what it does well.

    It shifts the "base" of the coals up towards the top where the cooking / heating is done, meaning higher temperatures at the cooking plane.
    This also makes briquettes or other fuel sources more efficient as less of the energy is loss over the shorter distance (fewer briquettes required).

    I’ve used it on days when unexpected rainstorms damped the wood in the area. Also used it when I wanted a more controlled and uniform cooking fire quickly.

    Note, I recommend a second set of sticks because you will need two to support the fire grate. A second set is needed to move the firebox or work other accessories after the grate is set.

  2. Joaquin Batrez

    Amazing product, I am planning to buy it again

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5" Adjustable Fire Grate or Grill for Nano


  • Provides a variety of height positions to raise your fire level. 

  • Allows you to use charcoal briquettes or wood pellets. 

  • Works as a Grill Plate for the 3” Firebox Nano Stove. 

Note: (1 cup of wood pellets lasts approximately 30-40 min).

Stainless steel 3.3 oz. (94 g) / Titanium 1.6 oz
Length: 4.75″ (12 cm)
Width: 4.75″ (12 cm)

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