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Heavy Duty Nylon D-Ring
Includes Firebox Stove, Ash Pan, Extended Grill Plate, Adjustable Fire Grate, 4 Fire Sticks and D-Ring Case.
Premium Leather Case
Includes Firebox Stove, Ash Pan, Extended Grill Plate, Adjustable Fire Grate, 4 Fire Sticks and Premium Leather Case.

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It’s a rugged “Jack of All Trades.” With its folding frame-work of versatility that is still expressing its potential ten years later! It’s different parts work with each other so symbiotically that almost anything you try seems to somehow work. Using a Firebox Stove is fun because the exoloration of what it can do never seems to end. An endless treasure hunt that chalenges creativity then rewards with intuitive function. A classic legend that will amaze and delight the campers of the future. Primarily a wood burner but also works well with most any other commercial or natural fuel. Over-built bombproof durability!

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Manufacturer: Firebox Product Code: IMPDEL
Reviews (69)
  1. Paul

    I nearly lost my firebox went for a hike in woods with my dogs , lite my firebox put a brew on when a couple of lads came and sat for a chat they loved my firebox , i told them of all the ways you can use it , They offered me cash i almost took it but could not be without my stove so gave them your web and youtube address they can get there own.

    — Originally Posted: November 18, 2012

  2. Tim Raine

    Hi, from British Columbia, Canada.

    I recently bought your folding firebox & I LOVE IT! Can’t wait to use it – especially on my next kayak trip.

    Also, I am interested in the new cooking pot you have introduced.

    Keep up the great YouTube videos as I am one of your subscribers.

    Have a nice day

    Tim Raine

    — Originally Posted: January 30, 2013

  3. Ed Dunphy

    We recieved your stove and tried it out today. It works perfectly.Thank you for an exellent product.
    Ed Dunphy

    — Originally Posted: February 2, 2013

  4. Anonymous

    I’ve been using your fire box for one and a half years now. Started using it while shore fishing in the fall and fell in love. I was hesitant to use it backpacking because it is one of the heaver stove options but soon realized that the extra weight was well worth having a bomb proof reliable and versatile stove. My fire box has been used over a hundred times and with a quick scrub looks as new as the first day I received it in the mail. Two cheers on an exceptional product!

    — Originally Posted: February 2, 2013

  5. Anonymous

    Well, I finally got my firebox in the mail from Sedge outdoors today. Very impressed! But, after doing a burn test with it, I was even more impressed. I can’t wait to take it ice fishing with me tomorrow to keep me warm and provide me with some nice hot apple cider. Thank you so much!

    — Originally Posted: February 6, 2013

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Imported - 5" G2 Firebox Deluxe Combo Kit

MULTI FUEL- Wood, Gas Burner, Any Alcohol Burner, Fuel Tabs, Gel Fuels or Sterno cans can all be used. Options to accommodate any situation or preference.

BURN WOOD 3 WAYS- Side, top or pre-fuel, including the revolutionary Swedish Fire Torch Method (over an hour cook time with no fire management!) See video here:

EASY TO USE- The Firebox is a true folding stove (No assembling of multiple pieces and parts) with positions for mounting accessories and burners for countless fueling, cooking and cookware possibilities!

HIGHEST BTU OUTPUT- Hinged damper for additional exhaust capacity allows more combustion air to support pre-fueling (other stoves with less exhaust capacity are forced to exhaust out the feed hole causing flames to bypass the pan.) Firebox always maintains flame to pan contact. Boil 2 cups of water as fast as 2:40. The Cross Feed Fuel Delivery with upwards angle for flame velocity and crossed sticks for turbulence is the perfect recipe for efficiency. See video here:

STURDY & STABLE- Even a Dutch Oven Feels stable on the Firebox Stove. See video here:

A PORTABLE CAMPFIRE- (Competitors warn against this, we encourage it!) For that, true to camping ambiance that brings friends and families together for warm conversation.

MOST RELIABLE- Critical parts cannot be lost because they are hinged together.

MOST DURABLE- Thicker stainless steel and engineered expansion management make the Firebox the strongest stove on the market with the least amount of warpage. Barrel type hinges are stronger and don’t flex or slide like other hinge designs. See video here:

MORE AVAILABLE ACCESSORIES- Grill Plates, a Boil Plate and the Adjustable Fire Grate open a world of outdoor cooking possibilities (not included.) See video here:

Included with stove: 2 Firesticks, white canvas bag for stove and Ashpan.

The G2 Firebox camping stove is now perfect! Thanks to feedback from our awesome customer base (and me coming to my senses) the king of wood burning stoves has it all. Side feed ports for fueling long sticks, the ability to holster 4 Firesticks and an all new Fire Grate designed to stoke the thermal column of a Swedish Fire Torch. The G2 5” Firebox is the ultimate outdoor cooking super tool.

Enjoy the fun that wood cooking with folding Firebox Stoves offers. Delicious, flavorful wood fired grilling, roasting, pan frying, shish kabobs or for quickly boiling water. 100% Stainless Steel construction is easily maintained with a light coat of oil between uses. Used worldwide since 2011.

Stove Buying Guide by Steve: If you’re having a hard time deciding, I hope this helps.

1. 3” Gen2 Nano VS 5” G2 Firebox: The 5” Firebox has a larger deeper burn chamber, more BTU output and can hold more hot coals which means high cooking performance. The Nano maintains all the same amazing versatility and capability but in a much smaller, simpler form factor. Think of it as a minimalist version of the higher horse powered 5” Firebox Stove. You can do all the same things, you’ll just need to pay closer attention to fuel management with the Nano.
2. Titanium VS Stainless Steel: SS is the heavy duty option, basically bomb proof. If you like big over the top fires, long into the night. Long into the night. I would recommend the SS 5” Stove (All alloys of SS loose corrosion resistant  through wood fire temps. Maintain corrosion resistance easily with a light coat of oil between uses). Titanium is 40% lighter, (5” stove is basically half the weight) corrosion proof and cools down fast. If you’re carrying your gear on your back and are focused on cooking you’ll be glad to have a 5” Ti stove (Panel adjustments may be needed, easily done by hand). The 3” Nano’s less overall heat potential means it doesn’t need much if any of the above mentioned maintenance (Applies to both Ti & SS).
3. The choice comes down to backpacking VS car camping, and cooking performance. SS is more sturdy, Ti feels amazing in your hand. The Nano is a “gem of a stove” for those keeping things simple. The 5” Stove is like having a commercial kitchen at camp. In the end, you can’t go wrong, most people want more than one stove because needs change depending on the trip. I’ve learned that a trip’s success greatly depends on having the right gear (Right up there with weather).
Have fun, be safe and love your family, Steve

Note from Steve: People have asked “Why have stoves made overseas?” A few years back after running out of stock during the Christmas shopping season, I spent a full year looking for another US manufacturer who could help me better keep up with an ever growing demand for Firebox Stoves. I found that most US manufactures have become specialized in aerospace, medical or otherwise (back when most mass production shifted overseas). The prices I got back were not feasible, sometimes even higher than my selling price. Being specialized means they have to get expensive certifications which makes their rates much higher. I continued to run out of stock every Christmas season for a couple more years. Until, I became good friends with a factory owner who had moved his family to California, leaving him with a very long commute. We developed a relationship of trust as our family’s enjoyed time together. He now makes Firebox Stoves for me. They are made of the exact same materials and to the very same specs. When we get them, we inspect every single stove to be sure everything about them is up to my high quality standards. We also make some fine tuning adjustments so they are ready to be enjoyed by my valued customers. Since these were the last stoves I’ve needed to test, they’ve been my daily drivers for a very long time. Seen in all my recent video’s up until I started testing the new Ti FB. They are just as reliable and function as they should. The same Firebox experience at a lower price and you are still supporting a US company who provides good jobs to awesome people right here in Utah, USA. -Thanks, Steve

Width: 5.9” (12.7 cm.)
Height: 7.5” (19 cm.)
Folded: .375” (95 cm.)
Weight with Ash Pan and 2 Firesticks: 33.3 oz. (944 g)

Stainless Deluxe Combo Kit Weight: 2 lbs 10.6 oz (1.207 Kg)

The G2 Deluxe Combo Kit purchased from this listing is Imported from PRC.


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