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Gen 2 Coffey Spit and retrofit Turn Keys for Gen 1 Coffey Spits. If you watch our YouTube videos you’ve probably seen Steve using a Gen 1 Coffey Spit to fire roast beef and or trout! You’ve probably also noticed him using vice grip as a handle. Thanks to our innovative customers: Cloyd Wells, we have an improvement that truly makes the Coffey Spit complete!

Product Code: CSKEYS
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Coffey Spit Turn Keys
  • Engages on either the square or sharp end of Coffey Spit. 

  • Lifts entire Spit as well as Rotating it. 

  • Makes using the Coffey Spit fast, convenient and enjoyable. 

  • Fits in existing Coffee Spit Case or your pocket.

Cloyd sent us a prototype which he made from a drum head key, he added a thumb screw in the side that could be tightened onto the square end of the Coffey Spit. We thought it was a great idea and took it just a little further by making the key able to engage either the square end or the sharp end (by adding a small round hole back behind the square hole) this allowed us to eliminate the need for a thumb screw and offered support on each end to lift the entire spit as well as rotating it.

By squeezing the Coffey Split between two turkeys, you prevent them from sliding off. This makes using them fast, convenient and enjoyable. We also made them significantly shorter so they would fit nicely into the existing Coffey Spit Case, or your pocket, so you never have to look for them when it’s time to rotate your roasting project.

Note: On Gen 1 Coffey Spits, one of the spits supports has a pass-through “O” top.  The “O” will need to be modified to a “U” by cutting the metal for these keys to function properly.  This is a pretty easy mod with a cut off wheel and a flapper disk.

Weight: 1.4 oz.

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