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Ever wanted to roast a whole chicken over your campfire? The smoky flavor the campfire imparts is absolutely delicious!

The Coffey Spit is an effective way to roast meat over a campfire or wood burning camp stove! It’s simple yet effective design lends itself to versatility. Simply stab the sharp ends of the support sticks into the ground and you’re ready to start roasting your favorite cut!

Product Code: FB-COFFEYSPT
Reviews (4)
  1. Matt

    Great product and it is a great accessory for the folding firebox.

  2. Lone Cedar Outdoors

    This is an amazing addition to the Firebox Stove. It opens up many different avenues for outdoor cooking. Well thought of and very durable. Light and hardly any space it will take in your pack. What I love about this the most is it makes me feel like I’m cooking meat like the old settlers on a spit over the fire. Great job Shane.

  3. Richard G.

    I have been trying to get one of these from the UK where I live, without success so last week I decided to try and order direct from the States. Wow! What service! Really easy ordering and payment, despatched same day, email thanking me for my order, email advising arrival in UK and parcel through my mailbox in 9 days. It’s a brilliant piece of kit, simple, sturdy and well made. Just off to the Butcher for a beef joint. I’ll certainly be shopping here again. Thank you from a very happy Brit.

  4. OJ4HIRE

    Ah yes testing me Coffey Spot Gen 2 and after I got the right fire under it, it works great still gotta learn more tricks but it is a keeper folks for sure

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Gen2 Coffey Spit - Rotisserie stick
  • Effective way to roast meat over a fire or camp stove.

  • Add smoky flavor to your favorite piece of meat.

  • Turn Keys make turning your choice of meat effortless. 

  • Simple and effective design leads to versatility.

Gen2 Coffey Spit Includes:

2 Stakes, 1 Spit, 2 Turn Keys for rotating and lifting and Storage Sheath made of cypher webbing.

Gen2 update!  At last we’ve found the solution to complete the Coffey Spit.  Adding 2 keys makes rotation and lifting the Spit a breeze. Keys are removable so they don’t get hot over the fire and can be in your pocket until rotation time.  We made them small enough to store inside the Coffey Spit Case.  We have added a round hole back behind the square hole to engage the sharpened tip of the Coffey Spit. Both keys are the same and will engage either end.  Gen2’s also have two “U” top supports vs the Gen1 has one “U” and one “O” top. This enables lifting the spit off the supports without having to slide the spit out of the “O”.  Keys are available separately if you have a Gen1 already and wish to modify the “O” into a “U” by use of a cut off wheel and a flapper disk.


Length: 12″

Width: 1″

Weight: 5.5 oz.

Material: Stainless Steel

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