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Such a versatile item to have on hand.  Watch the video below to see why this is a great item.

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  1. C.Barnard
    (verified owner)

    Such a simple item but so useful. I have one in each cook kit. Sure, you could use any piece of leather, but why not have a perfectly made leather grip protector with your favorite stove company’s name and logo on it.

    Great product and extremely useful!

  2. J Macri

    I use the Leather Grip Protector mostly to remove a pot of boiling water from the Firebox or a gas stove. It is better than a kerchief which sometimes is too flimsy and I was always trying to keep a kerchief corner from getting too close to the flame.

    I kept kneading mine with my fingers until it softened not unlike a baseball mitt. It is very pliable now.

    A great product!

  3. jonathan tindall
    (verified owner)

    We purchased this because i have squatch size hands and can never find leather gloves that fit. The several of gloves in the past that did fit shrank becoming useless. Do not have to worry about that with this nice leather grip. It has replaced several one use items in our pack. Nice price, Very Happy with this purchase !!!

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Leather Grip Protector


Diameter: 5″
Weight: 0.8 oz.

Made in the PRC.


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