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The gas burner is easy to use, has fast boil times and keeps your pans soot free. Works in all weather conditions above -22 C. Fits with all propane/butane gas cartridges with EN417 compatible threaded valves. These cartridges are available in most countries around the world. Boils 1 liter of water in 3-5 minutes (varies according to weather and quality of fuel). It burns 150 G of gas per hour with full effect. Effect: 2100 w/6700 BTU.

Product Code: TGBW2PINS
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  1. Gary Fisher

    I have this Trangia burner. As I have been forced to work from home this last month or so due to the Covid – 19 flu, I use this burner in conjunction with the Titanium G5 Stove every morning along with the Aero Press coffee unit. I roll out my lil table, open the G5 stove, place the burner in the stove, light it and start my water to boil. As that is happening, I prepare my AeroPress, so when the water is boiling, the coffee is ready to be made. Once all of the water has been poured into the AeroPress, I can start taking apart the Trangia burner and the G5 Titanium stove. It literally cools down that fast. By the time I take my first sip of coffee, I have all the makings put away – ready for tomorrow. I highly recommend this Trangia unit. It is clean burning, Heats up the water pot or GSI fry pan very quickly. You can also control the amount of flame that you need to use. I will cook bacon, those dehydrated hashbrown potatoes, and a couple eggs.

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Trangia Gas Burner with FREE Mounting Pins


  • High efficiency.

  • Easy control.

  • Clicks into place on all Firebox Stoves (G2 Original Firebox, Firebox Nano, Firebox Scout, Firebox Modular Freestyle).

  • Includes mounting pins that work for either the 5” Firebox stove and Firebox Freestyle.

  • Runs on standard butane cartridges.


This product is to be used exclusively with primus propane/butane mix cartridges 2202, 2206 and 2207 or other gas cartridges with threaded valves according to EN417 containing propane/butane gas mixtures. It is not possible to use gas cartridges that can be refilled, with the Trangia Gas Burner. Examples of brands for fuel: MSR, Optimus, Markill and Coleman.

Available option: LPG Fuel Adaptor (pictured above). This handy attachment allows you to use any lindal valve (screw-top) backpacking stove such as the Trangia Gas Burner with a 16.4 oz. Coleman-style propane canister. These canisters are less expensive than standard compressed fuel cans, and are readily available in camping and hardware stores throughout the US and much of the world. This works with top-mount and remote canister stoves.
Weight: 8.1 oz.
Output: 2100 W


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