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Small Firebox Pan
Small Pinnacle Pan
Large Firebox Pan
Large Pinnacle Pan

The Ultra Cook Kit comes with everything you need in a convenient compact system, everything nests perfectly and comes in an abrasion resistant 500 wt. nylon case. Much more useful than traditional camping cook kits. Use it as a Dutch Oven, it’s a pro quality sauté pan and the pie pan makes a great plate!

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    *PRE-ORDER* Folding Chef Knife


    This item is on Pre-Order and will hold your entire order until it is ready to ship. Professional chef knife features, in a folding form factor for convenience and safety!


    BuzzyWaxx Original Seasoning


    This product mixes two amazing oils (canola, grapeseed oil) with high smoke points and Beeswax to bond everything together. By doing so we make one amazing seasoning and maintenance method for your Hard Anodized Pans, cast iron and carbon steel! Beeswax has been used on cast Iron for hundreds of years. Some folks use it alone, but by combining two high smoke point oils to the mixture at the right amount, your cookware will be dark, stick free and great for cooking time and time again. It works from bare seasoning using three rounds at 480-500 degrees for one hour, to wiping it on a clean pan that's warming itself dry on your stove top to keep it maintained and ready for the use! BuzzyWaxx is made for Cast Iron people, by Cast Iron people. We know and understand how to make a better, well efficient seasoning product.


    Firebox Cooking Utensils


    The Firebox Utensil Set was designed to fit into the Firebox Ultra Cook Kit (8-inch or 10-inch) or any of the Firebox Billy Pots for ease when packing, while still offering standard-sized utensil convenience. It comes with one handle that works with all three heads (The Spatula, Ladle, and Spoon), which takes up less of the precious space in your pack. We do offer additional handles separately if you want each head to have its own handle.


    Titanium Fork and Spoon Tongs


    Ti-tongs are made of a Titanium spoon and fork which are conveniently connected with a strong nylon u-shaped connector to form a set of tongs. You can keep the spoon and fork attached for cooking or serving, then enjoy the meal with the spoon and fork detached as regular cutlery. The nylon u-shaped connector can connect to the titanium spork as well which when used together with the fork grabs food better than the spoon. Nylon connector comes in orange only.


    Cowhide Leather Gloves


    Who doesn't like a nice pair of leather gloves? Top grain cowhide leather bushcraft style for whenever your hands need protection from abrasion or heat. Convenient brass grommet so you can clip them to you pack etc. (color and texture may vary). 


    Pocket Bellow


    Pocket Bellows: (extends to 20” & collapses to 3.5”): Oxygen is nature’s gasoline and is the key to fire starting in all conditions and even more important in wet conditions. This lightweight, collapsible, award-winning fire bellowing tool, the Pocket Bellows, compresses and focuses oxygen directly into the heart of a fire. Truly unlike any other fire starting hand tool on the market, this award winning, collapsible fire bellowing tool turns soaking wet or dry firewood into a rolling fire in moments. The byproduct of this extra oxygen is a significant amount of extra heat which is the key to fire starting and maintenance let alone fire starting in damp environments.


    Folding Spatula


    This spatula is the ultimate weapon for whipping up gourmet meals on the trail. The unique pivoting handle deploys quickly and is extremely easy to clean. The Pivot Spatula's tapered edges and a serrated cutting edge make frying, flipping and portioning effortless. With reinforced handle and high-temp nylon 66 construction, you'll never have to fight with floppy, collapsible tools again.


    Leather Grip Protector


    Such a versatile item to have on hand.  Watch the video below to see why this is a great item.




    Perfect for camping! Non-abrasive dishcloth that scrubs really well, stays odor-free, has less bacteria than sponges and easily rinses free of food debris. It stays odor-free because it dries so fast that bacteria doesn't have a chance to grow. It's also easy to maintain because of its single layer weave.


    G2 Firebox Micro Salt & Pepper Grinder


    NEW Silicone end caps and Ranger Band Finely grinds fresh seasonings.  Compact twin-compartment.  Portable and easy to carry.  Premium Ceramic Burr. Made with 304 Stainless Steel. Our Firebox Salt and Pepper Grinder is made with high-quality 304 stainless steel and has ceramic burrs. This compact, twin-compartment grinder is designed to carry salt and pepper or… Continue reading Firebox Ultra Cook Kit


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    1. Clark

      This kit is awesome. The performance of the hard anodized pan is already superior to everything else I’ve tried, but when used in the Ultra kit it allows a lot of flexibility. I really enjoy cooking in a cast iron dutch oven, but it’s not always practical to bring along depending on the trip. This system is extremely flexible and I recommend watching the Firebox Youtube videos for lots of practical use in the field! Very similar in concept to the legendary NOLS-tested Banks Fry-Bake pan setup, but a lot more value for your money by going with one of the Firebox Ultra Kits – personally I recommend the Firebox frypan over the GSI alternative. The storage bag is excellent as it’s high quality and has plenty of space inside to hold this kit and other cooking utensils and accessories (even a Firebox stove for a complete cook system in a bag!). Combine this setup with a good billy pot and you can cook just about anything in the woods on a wide variety of heat sources

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    Firebox Ultra Cook Kit
    • Comes with everything you need in a compact system.
    • Everything nests perfectly for easy packing.
    • Can be used as a Dutch Oven for baking or a saute pan.
    • Simple, lightweight, compact and versatile.

    Kit includes:
    Your selection of 10″ Firebox Frypan with long lifter OR 10″ Pinnacle Non-Stick Frypan (handle is integrated so lifter is not included). Either selection also comes with one Deep Cowboy Plate and a Frying Pan Case.

    The Ultra Cook Kit comes with everything you need in a convenient compact system, everything nests perfectly and comes in an abrasion resistant 500 wt. nylon case. Much more useful than traditional camping cook kits. Use it as a Dutch Oven, it’s a pro quality sauté pan and the pie pan makes a great plate!

    “I still remember the day when as a kid we backpacked into a remote lake where my scoutmaster cooked trout and potatoes for us to try. I thought, “Wow, this fish tastes great and I didn’t have to carry it all the way up here!” I was hooked on that idea!”

    “Like most things worth doing there was a learning curve both with the catching of the trout and the challenges that cooking the fish presented. I remember my scoutmaster fashioning homemade handles onto cake pans and such: testing new ideas to cook the meal even better. I followed in his footsteps, literally and figuratively. Over the years I also tried a lot of different concepts. I wanted something simple, lightweight, compact and versatile enough to cook anything (as well as boil water for my coffee). I tried a bunch of different frypans and methods to cover them. At first I just used foil, but found that cumbersome and unreliable. I tried a hard cover and realized that I could add hot coals on top to bake or roast… The Ultra Cook Kit was born! I knew I was onto something special and wanted every component optimized for maximum efficiency and performance.” -Steve

    Firebox Frying Pan: Ultra Versatile, Lightweight, Durable & Can Be Seasoned! Yes, Just Like Cast Iron! I’ve been interested in alternatives to non-stick coatings and I love my cast iron cookware… well other than it’s too darn heavy. Hard anodized aluminum makes perfect sense, It conducts heat extremely well. It’s very abrasion resistant and its microstructure is perfect to accept a seasoning (see instructions below)!

    Pan/Pot Lifter: No more turning the pan to avoid burning the handle, our Firebox Frying Pan doesn’t have one. Rather than a heavy folding handle I designed a universal light weight handle/pan gripper that works with the pie pan and sauté pan not to mention your other pots, pans and stainless steel water bottles! Our Long Pan Lifter is included with the Firebox Frying Pan and the extra length is great for cooking over a wood fire. The Regular Pan Lifter version can be selected for a savings of $3. (Pan lifter may leave minor marks which do not affect performance.)

    Pinnacle Frying Pan: This premium Frying Pan offers the ultimate in cooking performance, non-stick resilience and durability. The Pinnacle has a removable folding steel handle as well. This ultra-rugged pan’s exclusive Teflon with Radiance technology non-stick coating enhances heat distribution and reduces hotspots while its three layer coating resists scratches and abrasions. If a grab and go pan is more your style you will appreciate our Pinnacle Frying Pan.

    Frying Pan Case: This heavy duty case is made from Denier Heavy Duty material and includes a drawstring closure. Holds any combination of 4 items (Cowboy Plate, Camp Plate, Cutting Board and Pizza Stone) as well as the Frying Pan which all nest easily for great packability.

    Large Kit Specs:
    Weight of Kit: 1 lb. 12 oz.
    Inside height with Deep Cowboy Plate on Frying Pan: 3 1/2”
    Large Frypan is a 10” Frypan – 11” at the top of the rim and about 9” at the bottom.
    Large Frypan Weight: 14.0 oz.
    Long Lifter: Weight 2.8 oz. Length: 7.5”
    Frying Pan Case – Large: Weight 3.2 oz.
    Deep Cowboy Plate – Large: Weight: 8.1 oz. Dim 11: top rim, 9″ bottom rim, depth 1.5″

    Small Kit Specs:

    Weight of Kit: Weight 1 lb. 3 oz.
    Inside height with Deep Cowboy Plate on Frying Pan: Weight 3 1/4″

    Small Frypan is a 8″ Frypan – 9″ at the top of the rim and about 7″ at the bottom.
    Small Frypan Weight: Weight 10.6oz

    Long Lifter: Weight 2.8 oz. Length: 7.5″
    Frying Pan Case – small: Weight 2.6oz
    Deep Cowboy Plate – Small: Weight: 5.4 oz. Dim 9″ top rim, 7″ bottom rim, depth 1.5″

    Seasoning instructions: For the Frying Pan, Deep Cowboy Plate and Shallow Plate. Season the items you wish to use for cooking, not required if using only as a plate. NOTE: These products are NOT dishwasher safe.


    1. Hand wash your pan with soap and hot water (use a non abrasive soft cloth). Towel dry. 

    2. Preheat pan(s) in the oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This will burn off the food grade silicone sealant (which was applied at the factory) preparing the pan to accept a seasoning. Alternatively, you can use a backyard BBQ grill (with thermometer) to keep the smoke outdoors. Otherwise, you’ll want to open your windows and turn on the vent fan. 

    3. Once your oven and pan has reached 500 degrees Fahrenheit, carefully remove your pan and allow it to cool enough for oiling. Using a soft cloth, spread the oil of your choice (canola, vegetable or a seasoning blend) evenly, then, using a second (clean, dry) soft cloth, wipe the oil back off until you’re left with a satin finish. 

    4. Place your pan back in the oven upside down for one hour at 500 degrees F (250-260 C). This will polymerize the oil, creating a seasoning layer. When the time is up, allow it to cool enough to repeat the oiling, wiping process then back in the oven! Three applications will be enough to start cooking but remember, pan seasoning is an ongoing process, the nonstick performance will improve with use, meanwhile using non-stick cooking sprays will be helpful. 


    Ongoing Care: After cooking and or washing: place your pan back on the burner over a low heat, rub on a light coat of any cooking oil, increase the heat and wait until you start seeing smoke, at which point, cut the heat. Doing this will repair and improve your seasoning layer to keep your pans ready for action. Abrasion or cooking acidic foods can damage the surface of your season layer to the point that you may need to repeat the oven process.

    Use Instructions: Contrary to popular belief, your season layer can be scratched so avoid abrasive scrubbers and use non scratching utensils. The good news is that scratches aren’t the end of the world; small scratches get filled in with newly polymerized oils with use. Firebox Pans conduct heat extremely well, so you’ll notice that less heat is needed so start low and work your way up slowly until you get a feel for the improved cooking performance. Don’t walk away when preheating, these pans heat up fast so don’t risk overheating an empty pan. Always respect hot surfaces and use caution. Do not attempt to rapidly cool your frypan.

    Additional Firebox Frypan Information: Firebox Frypans are special in the fact that their cooking surface is hard anodized rather than being non-stick coated. The hard anodizing process transforms the surface layer into a highly conductive ceramic with a microstructure which accepts a seasoning. Yes, like cast iron but better. Not only is the Firebox Frypan much lighter, it also handles better. The Firebox Frypan’s heat conductivity is way up at 237 where cast iron is only 52. Your Firebox Pan will respond quickly to temperature changes and will heat evenly. Cast iron is slow heat, slow to cool and can develop hot spots. It’s kinda like the difference between driving a big truck VS a sports car.

    Disclaimer: Inherent to the manufacturing process, there are unavoidable cosmetic marks on the rim (outside edge) of the Frypan. This does not affect usage or long term durability and we feel it is worth it to have the hard anodizing finish inside and out.

    Made in PRC





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